In Writing, There Is No Talent!

Someone called me talented at writing. I was reminded of dozens of certificates of authorship that are now stored in personal archives, dozens of coverage tasks that I have carried out since I was in Aliyah's uniform. Even when I was sick with typhus, I still tried to participate in training.

3 months full internship in Malang local newspaper, which every afternoon similar "privat" writes with the editor, who incidentally is a senior journalist. 3 months non stop, imagine.

When it was considered a talent, it no longer seemed meaningful. Talent? No. It was a bloody effort. It's not fair when the skills that are fought for, are "wrapped" just like that with the term talent.

To this day, I'm still learning. We created a community, which intensely honed writing skills. That is, not suddenly proficient in writing, all honed continuously.

Then, people simplify it with talent. When they are not good at writing, they argue that there is no talent. In fact, the extent of his efforts? Is it worth it to those who even every day, or at least every week, hone their skills?

Talent may exist only in the field of sports, and even then it also needs to be constantly trained. See if there are any athletes who just don't exercise physically for a day? Are there athletes who are not disciplined in training and then suddenly become tournament champions?

Even though it's an athlete, there's a talent factor. But still continue to train, maintain performance. Moreover, writing,which everyone has learned since school.

Sometimes, the word "talent" provides a justification or reason to quit, when the effort has been maximized? The term talent so limits the effort.

In the world of singing, even when a person has musical talent, his voice is good and the tone is right, he still has to practice. We see on television in singing talent search, even though they can sing well, they still continue to learn singing techniques.

Ahmad Fahrizal Aziz

Blogger dan Aktivis Literasi

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